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Nsite 2 Success provides a wide range of services to help you succeed online.

Our Project Management Approach

ADDIE is a well-known project management approach used by many businesses to efficiently and effectively achieve the project goals.  ADDIE is an acronym for Analyze – Design – Develop – Implement – Evaluate.  With this method you will always know what stage your project is at during the entire life of the project.

Click the following stages to read more about our process flow:

Before a proposal is given, or a contract is signed, one of our team will meet with you to do an analysis of your project goals. After the full analysis is complete we will present you with a proposal. If you accept the proposal Nsite 2 Success, Inc. will provide a contract and once signed the project will begin.

The next step is to gather all existing content, branding materials, images, videos, etc. and then determine what additional items will be needed to develop the project.  Some of these items you will need to provide and others we will need to create for you.

Now the actual development begins. This is the most time consuming stage in the process and timelines depend greatly upon the complexity of the project itself. During this stage you will be provided with some opportunities to view the progress of the project and provide limited feedback.  We limit feedback at this point due to the fact that the scope of the project is determined at the beginning of the project. This is not an opportunity to change the scope or direction of the project; however, it is the opportunity to make minor adjustments to the overall project.

This is the time for the big unveiling of the final product. First, it will be presented to you in the final format as it would be live. After final adjustments and minor tweaks it will be launched live and available for use. At this point your team will be trained on the level of use that your team will need to move forward.

Once the project is live and being used by your team and/or your customers you will have a limited amount of time, usually two weeks, to thoroughly evaluate the product and determine if there are any additional minor adjustments that you would like. The requested updates must be contained within the project scope and will be quickly made once all the feedback has been submitted to us.

Services We Provide

Website Services

We provide a wide range of website services to include; design and development and website maintenance.

Types of Websites We Build

We build a variety of websites to include; mobile, business, eCommerce, portfolio, artisan, speaker and celebrity websites

Creative Design

Our design services include; graphics, branding, marketing collateral, eBook covers, and much more!

More Creative Services

In addition, we also design newsletters, presentations, lead - landing - squeeze pages, mini marketing promo videos, etc.

Online Marketing

Some of our online marketing service include; SEO, blog articles, email marketing and newsletter campaigns.

Additional Effective Options

Custom landing pages, lead pages, squeeze pages, sales funnels, presentation marketing and much more.

Social Media

You're busy running your business, doing what you love to do, let us take care of all of your social media for you!

Let Us Do It For You

We know Social Media and love to have the opportunity to build your brand and your voice and to bring awareness and visibility to your business.

Business Apps

Apps are the wave of the future! Businesses are starting to realize that to keep up with competitors they've got to have an App.

Apple Store & Google Play Store

We will bring your business to life on the Apple Store and Google Play Store offering customer coupons, loyalty cards and business information. Check us out, we can get your app built at an affordable price.

Custom Project

Do you have an idea for a custom project that you don't see listed here? Let's sit down and brainstorm your unique idea.

We Love Ideas

We really do love ideas and are energized by new challenges to accomplish your unique vision. Let's talk about it and we'll see if we can bring it to life for you.

Our Mission Is YOUR Success!

It’s true, we’re successful when you’re successful! Not only that, it is our passion and we actually love to help you to succeed online! Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.